Catalyst Introduces Easier Version of CatalystLSM™

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Catalyst, a Rochester, New York-based marketing agency, has introduced version 4.0 of CatalystLSM™, a local store marketing platform for franchisers and independent retailers to seamlessly manage their marketing communications at the local level. The Web-based platform lets franchisers and franchisees execute customized, local multichannel marketing programs while maintaining corporate control. The CRM platform supports direct mail, email, SMS text messaging, Web store pages, push notifications and mobile app integration, search, in-store promotions, and social media.

According to Mike Osborn, Catalyst’s managing director, CatalystLSM version 4.0 offers franchisers and independent retailers “flexibility with control” — the ability to control brand messaging, creative and offers at the corporate marketing level, while allowing local customization by individual franchisees. The platform utilizes templates that integrate data from transactional POS systems, customer and prospect lists, loyalty programs, and third-party providers.

“The platform is proven to increase customer visits, customer spend, and customer loyalty,” he said. “For one leading automotive services brand, its retention programs have driven an incremental increase in store traffic of over eight percent. For another automotive services brand, it has delivered a 320 percent ROI.

“The platform is built upon five integrated components: data input; database and CRM; a dashboard-based portal; analysis and reporting tools; and a marketing automation system;” Osborn added. “It’s scalable, secure and can be customized to virtually any retail or franchise operation.

“It all adds up to a highly customized, more relevant customer experience, increased retail marketing success, and a competitive edge,” Osborn said.

“CatalystLSM™ version 4.0 is proven to increase customer visits, customer spend, and customer loyalty,” Osborn said. “For one leading automotive services brand, it increased incremental store traffic by over eight percent. For another automotive services brand, it delivered a 320 percent ROI.”

About Catalyst

Catalyst is a marketing agency that helps clients develop more profitable customer relationships. We take the guesswork out of marketing decisions by combining our intellectual curiosity and inquisitiveness with hard-core analytics and measurement.

We call it Science + Soul.

It's a powerful combination that improves our clients' marketing, because it yields deeper insights that anticipate customers' needs better.

Mike Osborn   |  Managing Director
Mike founded Catalyst with Jeff Cleary in 1990. He served on the Direct Marketing Association’s Agency Council Strategic Advisory Committee and has been an ECHO Award judge. He has served on the boards of the Advertising Council of Rochester, Compeer and Mary Cariola Children’s Center.

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