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Although customer journey mapping has been around for a while, there is renewed interest in it as the journey becomes increasingly digital. Nancy McCrave, customer experience designer at Catalyst, suggests in  CRM Magazine  (January 2016) that journey maps are only effective when treated as living, breathing things.

“Often,” she says, “stakeholders see customer journeys as one-and-done deals, but this is not the case. Companies need to continually follow through as they map the journey and be vigilant about avoiding experience rot,” or the tendency to add too much complexity.

To read the entire feature article, titled  Outlook 2016: How CRM Will Foster an Era of Good Feelings , click here.

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Nancy McCrave   |  Senior Experience Designer
For more than 15 years, Nancy McCrave has designed, researched and evaluated user interfaces across a variety of content management systems, as well as financial, retail, and custom/proprietary digital platforms.

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