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About Colateral

Take control of your in-store marketing with Colateral. A SaaS platform for retailers and brands to automate in-store marketing campaigns on a global scale to ensure print and digital assets are delivered to the right location at the right time.

Use dynamic store profiles to maintain information about each store and store-specific distribution to unlock localization across thousands of stores at scale.

We support more than 10,000 stores across North America and Europe, including Loblaw, WH Smiths, and Paddy Power.

Speak to a team member about how you can deliver impactful campaigns in every store.

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Products by Colateral

By Colateral

Automate in-store marketing campaigns across digital and print materials so you deliver the right message to the right audience at the point of purchase and drive revenues. With Colateral, you’re in complete control. We map your stores worldwide, from window displays to shelf trackers. Then... Read more »

Content by Colateral

Guide to In-store Marketing

Guide to In-store Marketing

Guide to In-store Marketing

By Colateral

This guide to in-store marketing shares the following:- The current state of technology for in-store marketing- How in-store marketing software will contribute to Y-on-Y revenue growth.- How to select a technology partner for in-store marketing software. - Top features to look for in your...
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