Shelf Level Retail Solutions

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Rogers, AR 72758
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About Shelf Level Retail Solutions

“We specialize in ensuring your product stays on the shelf”

Management Team has been Bentonville based since 2002. Over 60 years of combined retail service experience.
Located 5 miles from Wal-Mart Corporate Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas
We utilize sales data to determine the best way for you to spend money on retail service.
We have a 25 seat call center and make over 30,000 phone calls per month speaking to store department managers about products.
Our experienced 2,500 rep field force can visit almost every retail location in the United States.
Our audit team can visit most retail locations in 5 days, with 24 hours of lead-time.
State of the art GPS confirmed workforce management system utilized by all field reps.
We offer a unique solution called Exception Based Merchandising that combines sales data, call center, audits, and store level retail service at a fraction of what you would typically pay for retail service and can be more effective!
Our new Pay for Performance Program helps you keep your product on shelf. And if we don’t fix it, you don’t pay for it!

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Products by Shelf Level Retail Solutions

By Shelf Level Retail Solutions

EXPERIENCED FULL SERVICE STORE LEVEL REPRESENTATION! Everyday our team is in the field representing some of the top national brands. Let our vetted specialized retail labor force handle your store level initiatives. From simple new item cut-ins to planogram resets, we have you covered. Shelf... Read more »

By Shelf Level Retail Solutions

COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY WITH STORE LEVEL DEPARTMENT MANAGERS AT VIRTUALLY ANY RETAIL LOCATION IN THE UNITED STATES! Our retail call specialists can quickly and cost effectively solve your “0” sales, feature/ display issues, and phantom inventory issues. Our 25 seat call center is located in... Read more »

By Shelf Level Retail Solutions

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY DELIVERS STORE LEVEL INTELLIGENCE AT LIGHTNING FAST SPEEDS. With over 40,000 auditors across the United States, our Speed Audit system captures GPS verified images which are available to you through our live web portal. We can deploy jobs immediately and begin seeing audit... Read more »