Commerce Kitchen

3775 Chase St
Wheat Ridge, CO 80212

About Commerce Kitchen

According to the needs of your organization and feedback from your product leadership team, Commerce Kitchen will perform consulting services in one or more of the following categories:

•Product strategy consulting
•Market strategy consulting
•User Experience design
•User Interface design
•Software architecture technical analysis
•Database design and deployment
•Responsive web application programming
•iOS mobile application programming
•Android mobile application programming
•Microservices programming
•Reactive system programming
•Server infrastructure deployment
•Back-end programming
•Front-end programming
•Application workflow documentation
•Refactoring planning and approach
•Overall technology roadmap planning and go-to-market strategy
•Product owner training
•Developer training
•Establishment of HIPAA practices and policies
•HIPAA remediation
•EHR Interoperability with Epic, Cerner, and other major vendors
•HL7 messaging
•Enterprise security remediation

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