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Shuup is an open source ecommerce platform and cloud product designed for the needs of B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes. Shoop grew from the need and desire to generate a capable platform on a sophisticated programming language and web framework with unlimited scalability. Our mission: Increase developers’ productivity and lower merchants' costs by making it easier to create and modify ecommerce stores. We chose the Django framework on Python. We believe in open-source philosophy and wanted a platform open to the community for fast expansion and advancement around the world. To top it off, the Shuup Marketplace allows service providers to sell digital products to merchants to create comprehensive shopping experiences for customers.

Competitors of SHUUP


WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source commerce solution built on WordPress. The company started in 2008 as WooThemes and in 2017 decided to focus exclusively on eCommerce. Today, WooCommerce empowers small and medium businesses to build exactly the store they want and sell online. Our legacy... Read More