Accertify, Inc.

1075 Hawthorn Drive
Itasca, IL 60143

About Accertify, Inc.

At the heart of the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, chargebacks persist as a critical challenge. Stepping up to address this concern is Accertify, a leading force in chargeback management. Through its comprehensive platform, Accertify aids some of the largest global merchants, expertly handling over 6 million disputes every year. Their Chargeback Management solution revolves around four pillars: Avoiding chargebacks with tools like dispute deflection and real-time alerts; Adapting swiftly to the biannual changes in network policies and the shifting contours of fraud; Assembling effective response strategies with 50+ global processor integrations and ready-to-use dispute templates; and Analyzing trends to identify and rectify operational processes influencing chargebacks.

Accertify's success is rooted in their commitment to improved efficiencies and vigilant monitoring. With integrations spanning over 50 processors worldwide, they have dramatically diminished manual intervention. Their regular operations and trend reports, coupled with win-loss analyses, enable merchants to continuously refine their screening processes. Notably, Accertify has collaborated with an impressive roster of clients, delivering results that improve win rates, optimize team resources, and ensure revenue recovery.

One of Accertify's standout features is its automation prowess. Their platform seamlessly manages and responds to chargebacks across major networks like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal. Whether it's supervising chargeback operations or bolstering in-house teams, Accertify stands as a dependable partner, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness in every endeavor.

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