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Los Angeles, CA 90023

About PolyPak Packaging

PolyPak America is a manufacturer of plastic bags, poly bags, film stock, and custom plastic mailers and envelopes for online retailers and other businesses. The company can customize shipping bags, and match up to eight colors featuring a retailer’s brand message.

PolyPak offers a full line of waterproof and tear-resistant poly envelopes and mailers that come in five different sizes. They are USPS-approved, accept stamps or meter tape and are 35% post-consumer recycled plastic. The company also produces an array of plastic security deposit and shipping bags in several sizes, with tamper evident fold over bottoms and closure system. Security bags can be customized to meet a retailer’s specific needs.

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Products by PolyPak Packaging

By PolyPak Packaging

PolyPak America wants your envelopes and mailers to fit your needs perfectly- so we will manufacture your poly envelopes and mailers to your exact specifications. We can produce tamper evident custom poly mailers and bags when security is warranted. Our mailing envelopes, shipping envelopes and... Read more »

By PolyPak Packaging

PolyPak's custom printed poly bags and poly film for form, fill & seal (FF&S) machines are made of "V"Zuh™ film and feature six months UV weather protection, excellent sealability even under dusty conditions, good chemical resistance, high impact strength and tear resistance, a non-skid surface... Read more »

By PolyPak Packaging

PolyPak offers a variety of Armorite tamper-evident plastic deposit bags and plastic security bags. Armorite security bags are used by armored carriers, financial institutions, and retailers for cash transfers, night deposits, checks, payroll, patient valuables, police evidence or other valuable... Read more »

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