Dataman Group Direct Adds Solar Marketing Postcards to – Direct Mail Portal for Postcard Marketing

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Dataman Group Direct Adds Solar Marketing Postcards to – Direct Mail Portal for Postcard Marketing

Dataman Group expands direct mail online ordering for users, expanding lead-generation technologies to include results-based mailers


Boca Raton, FL – August 22, 2023 – Dataman Group Direct is pleased to announce the addition of new customizable Solar Marketing postcard templates to its online direct mail portal, In this new section of the website, solar power marketers will be able to conceive, build and execute targeted direct mail campaigns that reach prime prospects and former customers alike with results-based designs proven to generate leads and revenue — all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

“This is a great opportunity for owners of small to medium-sized solar energy companies who have found it challenging to develop a professionally designed, responsive mail piece for their business.” said Dataman Group President Dale Filhaber. “Our customers expect us to not only provide them with the best targeted lists in the industry, but also with cutting edge marketing advice.  Right now, this is a perfect solution for marketers looking for way to increase their business.”

Direct mail remains a strong medium among all marketing channels. Studies continue to show how direct mail outperforms digital methods. In 2019, the Direct Marketing Association puts the response rate for direct mail at 5-9%. This is over 400% better than all other channels combined. More recently, the Association of National Advertisers released its annual Response Rate Report for 2020-2021. They found that direct mail was the second-least used advertising medium among email, social, paid search, digital display and SMS advertising, yet boasted the highest return on investment (ROI) at 112%.

Dataman Group looks forward to bringing direct mail's revenue potential to users. The online portal makes it simple for users to create and send mailers online. The experience begins with a gallery of on-brand mailer templates, which have been designed for the specific purpose of maximizing response. The artwork has collated successful design elements from thousands of successful campaigns, which really fine tunes the creative. Marketers can customize their cards by adding their own design features. These can include like staff or location photos, the offer, call to action and contact information.

From there, users have the ability to upload their mailing list. The list professionals at Dataman Group work with their clients to create a targeted mailing list that suits their needs and outputs the data in an easy-to-upload format.  Mailing lists can be tweaked to fit any budget or campaign goal – with no minimums on quantity.

Once the design and mailing lists have been finalized, a mail date can be chosen and all mailings can be tracked within the portal.

Dataman Group has been in business for over 40 years and has provided thousands of clients in the United States with high quality data. Dataman Group is best known for the New Homeowner list, which is provided on a weekly basis. Many marketers are successfully using to send marketing postcards to New Homeowners on a weekly basis.

For more information on about Dataman Group Direct, please visit: or call (800) 771-3282. Please follow Dataman Group on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook. If you are interested in more information, please email [email protected].




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