MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT MARKETING TIPS – Many consumers will switch plans.

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Medicare Open Enrollment for coverage beginning January 1, 2023 will run from October 15 to December 7, 2022. That means your open enrollment marketing needs to being now.

CMS anticipates releasing the 2023 premium and cost-sharing information for 2023 Medicare Advantage and Part D plans in September 2022. That’s when the hoopla will start. And, you need to be ready with your marketing.

For many consumers, the Open Enrollment period gives them a chance to changes their plans. Many plans have been adjusted during the year. For many people, losing an expensive prescription drug is an important reason to switch plans. For others, it could be that their doctor has moved out of their network. Or, it could be the cost.

30% will switch during open enrollment 

IF you’re doing open enrollment marketing, you have a great opportunity.

30% of people who are enrolled in an existing plan switch . Whether it be to a Medicare advantage plan or out of one back to original Medicare with new part D coverage.

Because it is so confusing to many people, the insurance agent that reaches out with a helpful hand will be the one they turn to.

If you sell supplemental Medicare policies, you’ll want to be ready with your open enrollment marketing. Consider multiple outreach touches. That should include direct mail and email.

Direct mail is the only medium that reaches everyone

Remember, direct mail is the ONLY medium that will reach all the senior households in your area. If three out of ten seniors in your area are great prospects, you can’t afford to miss a single one.

Open Enrollment Marketing Tips :

Target – You want to make sure the right people are getting your message. In today very analytic world, your list broker can help you find the perfect people for your open enrollment mailing.

Personalize - The more you can connect with your prospects, the more successful you'll be. That’s also why many insurance agents put their photo on their marketing material. It makes people feel that they know them.

Don’t clutter - One of the worst mistakes you can make is cluttering your creative with too much information. Focus on the offer and simple calls to action. Save the details for later in the “buyer journey”.

Fuse - One study found that people spend 25% more when direct mail is used in combination with email marketing. Your response rate goes up when you fuse multiple channels together. People need to see your name/message in different ways. That’s how you break through!  

Postcards are top medium for Open Enrollment marketing

We do love postcards for this. They are the most visible and least expensive way to reach seniors in your area.  

You can create your own open enrollment marketing postcard or customize one on-line at

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