KFI, TriEnda and Penda Expand Medical Solution Offering

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          KFI, TriEnda and Penda Expand Medical Solution Offering

Portage, WI – April 28, 2020 – TriEnda and Penda of Kruger Family Industries (KFI) have continued their critical collaboration with an announcement of a new, low-cost Humanitarian Bed designed for use during natural disasters, pandemics, military deployments, and in long- term or temporary shelter sites. The brands have also joined forces to offer a complimentary wall and partition solution.

The affordable Humanitarian Bed starts at $299 USD. Ideal for both medical facilities and temporary care locations, the bed is nestable for easy storage, is durable and comfortable with a six-inch mattress and cover, and features an adjustable headrest. The bed is currently in production at TriEnda and Penda facilities with inventory immediately available.

The KFI companies are also offering temporary wall solutions that are available as standalone partitions and can also be configured to create single rooms or banks of rooms. These partitions are a way to provide needed privacy and can be set-up in minutes.

David Kruger, President, shared, “With the success of our Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed released a few weeks ago, it was clear there is a need for innovative products at a lower price point, including privacy solutions helpful for exceptionally stressful situations. We continue to work tirelessly to manufacture high-quality, affordable products and distribute them to care facilities around the world.”

For additional information or to place an order, email [email protected], call 608- 742-8982, or visit https://www.trienda.com.

About Kruger Family Industries

Kruger Family Industries is a family-owned manufacturing conglomerate focused on Returnable Packaging, OEM Components, and Automotive Accessories. The Company has four manufacturing facilities across the United States and Mexico. www.krugerfamilyindustries.com.

About TriEnda

Founded in 1975, award-winning TriEnda is one of the largest industrial thermoforming companies in North America and is a leader in material handling and cargo solutions. TriEnda is known for its innovative protective systems and custom products and specializes in heavy- gauge, reusable plastic pallets and shipping containers for material handling and packaging industries. From prototype to production, the Company serves diverse self-palletized markets, including automotivegovernmentgrocery, and food and beverage.
https://www.trienda.com; follow TriEnda on LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube.


About Penda

Penda manufactures and markets auto parts, and is a leading provider of value-added accessories for vehicles throughout the world. Penda supplies truck bedliners with design, engineering, extrusion, thermoforming, and assembly services.

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