TriEnda Launches Cargo Protect+, New Name for Innovative Cargo Protection System

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TriEnda Launches Cargo Protect+, New Name for Innovative Cargo Protection System

Portage, WI – November 14, 2019 – TriEnda, the developer and manufacturer of industry-leading cargo protection systems, has announced that Cargo Protect+ is the new name for the highly popular solution formerly known as Paylode. Cargo Protect+ provides superior product protection for fragile and perishable goods as they are transported via truck, rail, and airfreight.

TriEnda is known for its innovative material handling solutions that are not only lightweight and user-friendly, but also are effective in protecting a variety of cargo ranging from food and beverage items to automotive products. TriEnda’s cargo protection systems decrease the damage to shipped products, resulting in a lower average cost per load.

Nate Franck, TriEnda’s VP of Sales & Marketing, commented on the reasoning behind the selection of a new name for Cargo Protect+. “Our customers greatly value our solution because it does an outstanding job of protecting goods. As a team, we recognized that the former name didn’t showcase the attributes of this unique cargo solution, so we decided to launch a new name that effectively communicates and clarifies the benefits of this proven technology and system.

“This re-naming effort keeps with our goal to bring all of our unique cargo protection systems under the TriEnda umbrella and directly tie their values and uses to their product names.” Franck continued.

TriEnda’s award-winning protection systems, which include the patented Cargo Protect+ and other solutions, replace plywood and corrugate materials to prevent the toppling of cargo and ensure goods are protected while in transit.

“There truly is nothing else like Cargo Protect+ available on the market and our teams look forward to showcasing its value in the marketplace today,” Franck concluded.


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