White Papers for Retail Marketing, Technology and Logistics Providers

  • How Tejas software helped Metallica scale their operations?

    The need to have an improved and enhanced solution was paramount; an end-to-end automation solution that would effectively help to manage and maintain all orders including order tracking history, subscriptions, and purchasing details was necessary for their database of dedicated fans. Please...
  • The BOLD Services One Sheet

    Everything you need to know about who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Case studies show how we drive growth on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms. How to connect with us to discuss your eCommerce goals.
  • Complete-EDI Solutions Data Sheet

    Overview of Complete EDI capabilities
  • Guide to In-store Marketing

    This guide to in-store marketing shares the following:- The current state of technology for in-store marketing- How in-store marketing software will contribute to Y-on-Y revenue growth.- How to select a technology partner for in-store marketing software. - Top features to look for in your...
  • Generating Solar Leads

    Every solar company needs to generate their own leads. Most "hot leads" are sold by your competitors, which means you need to make sure you have the ability to target the best possible prospects for your solar business. Learn how by reading this!
  • Automating Your Affiliate Marketing Program: Lessons from Top Ecommerce Brands

    We surveyed 20+ leading ecommerce brands about their affiliate marketing programs to discover where some of their biggest pain points are, and have put together a guide outlining how automation can help streamline the management of your affiliate marketing

    Mobility in the workplace has been more and more popular in the tech world. Most companies (SMBs included) now depend on the use of tablets and smartphones to handle business tasks, whether they provide corporate owned devices or encourage their employees to use their personal devices at work....
  • Verizon Destination Store - Chicago

    Verizon Wireless lives up to the name of the Magnificent Mile with its Chicago Destination Store. As part of Verizon’s broader brand redesign initiative, the Destination Store introduces new ways of doing business that make shopping for wireless devices and services easier, more convenient,...
  • Journey to a Customer Experience Map

    Before you invest in an expensive customer experience design initiative, start with a customer journey map, which tells you what customers are thinking, feeling and doing before they select your products and services. This white paper shows you how to create one for your retail organization.