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By Tejas Software, Inc.

Tejas Order Management System The need for a sophisticated Order Management System arises when order volume increases, creating the need to manage operations efficiently. Read more »

By Tejas Software, Inc.

Tejas Order Management System LITE The need for an efficient and Lite version of Order Management System is paramount for emerging retail businesses wanting to sell online. TOMS Lite is a simple and quick plug-in operating from a single platform or e-commerce marketplace integration with added flexibility to connect one shipping... Read more »

By Tejas Software, Inc.

Tejas Warehouse Management System Our system handles multiple warehouses wherever they may be in the world. Warehouse operations determine a retailer’s ability to fulfil accurately and on time. Your cost to ship your orders should be highly competitive to justify managing your own warehouse operations. Otherwise scaling your... Read more »


TinyMDM, official Android EMM partner, is specialized in Android Mobile Device Management and offers a centralized and intuitive management solution of all Android devices within an organization. Easy to integrate and highly scalable, it's the perfect solution for small and medium organizations... Read more »

By CTSI-Global

CTSI-Global's Transportation Management (TMS) is a totally integrated solution that will allow companies to manage all aspects of its inbound and outbound transportation network. The TMS system gives users the ability to manage and control inbound / outbound orders, optimize loads, select the... Read more »