Aginity Set to Unveil the Next-Gen SQL Analysis Tool Late Spring 2019

Press Release from Aginity

CHICAGO, April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Aginity Inc., the active analytics catalog company, announces the launch of the next-generation SQL analysis product, Aginity Pro™, designed for data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers—in beta now and generally available in late spring 2019.

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As a personal SQL analysis tool, Aginity Pro allows users to create, discover, and manage analytics. Data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers are able to catalog previous math—with rich titles and descriptions—enabling quick and easy reuse of SQL code. With full search capabilities in Aginity Pro, users are able to search across their catalog and full SQL query history to find and use the calculations they need.

"Gaining results quickly from analytics is essential for those insights to have a positive impact on the organization," said Dan Kuhn, CTO of Aginity. "However, considerable time and effort is wasted recoding analytics over and over, and that prevents business users from getting the insights they need in a timely manner. We rethought and redefined how a SQL analysis tool should integrate within the workflow and incorporated valuable features from our enterprise product, enabling users to interact with their code and reuse analytics in a whole new way."

Considering the positive impact that reusing analytic assets has on an individual level, Aginity is taking it a step further and developing a solution that allows sharing and reuse across teams—introducing the concept of analytic governance—beta to start in early May. Having consistent, governed analytic insight across teams paves the way for more advanced data science initiatives, setting the foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With a full suite of products that support active analytics on an individual, team, and enterprise level, Aginity is changing the game on how organizations view and approach their analytic practice. Completing their advanced analytics product suite, Aginity offers a Rapid Analytic Assessment, giving organizations a complete view of their analytic assets and recommends process improvements for developing, governing, and deploying analytics.

Aginity empowers organizations to realize the full potential of enterprise analytics by offering the only active analytics catalog for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and business users. Organizations better capitalize on business opportunities, reduce business continuity risks, and dramatically accelerate deployment of analytics by reusing analytics rather than re-coding. Learn more at

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