McFadyen Digital Launches Industry-First "Marketplace Suite Spot"

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VIENNA, Va., Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- McFadyen Digital, a global commerce agency that builds award-winning ecommerce and marketplace experiences for retail and B2B brands, today launched the industry's first and only marketplace comparison report, titled "Marketplace Suite Spot."

The report evaluates the top technologies businesses can use to create, launch and grow their own online marketplace. Business leaders across the B2B and B2C who are looking to join the platform economy will find valuable information in the report to help them evaluate which platform is best suited for their specific business needs.

During the pandemic when so many businesses are looking to expand and enhance their e-commerce offerings, the "Marketplace Suite Spot" explores the benefits of marketplace models to aid in the growth and evolving needs of digital marketplaces.

"We created the 'Marketplace Suite Spot' report because more and more businesses are seeking to leverage the marketplace model to platform their business," said Tom McFadyen, President & CEO of McFadyen Digital. "We're frequently asked about the technologies and platforms contained within this report and wanted to provide this knowledge to the market to serve as a frame-of-reference and conversation starter."

The brief conducts a deep-dive analysis of six of the top marketplace platforms in the industry: Mirakl, VTEX, Unirgy, Webkul, Arcadier and Sharetribe. Each platform vendor overview includes information about the solution itself, pricing, strengths and cautions, a company overview and sample customers. The report also briefly explores a number of other marketplace technologies, including, Maistro, Laravel, Uppler and more.

These marketplace technologies were evaluated in relation to organizational scale and their place on the Marketplace Maturity Model scale (ability to iterate, expand and grow). These evaluations are based on the McFadyen Digital authors' own knowledge of the platforms, conversations with both retail and business e-commerce merchants, opinions of industry experts and publicly available information.

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