SKYPAD Partners With Neiman Marcus Group to Implement Brand Partner Selling Applications

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NEW YORK, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --Sky IT Group, the leading online Vendor-Selling Reporting platform, announced today its partnership with Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) in leveraging its SaaS application SKYPAD to track, create, and distribute weekly sales and inventory data across their many suppliers. "SKYPAD for NMG" will empower suppliers with access to size and store level sales and inventory performance within several industry-best-practice reporting views imbedded with customizable and collaborative capabilities.

The "SKYPAD for NMG" program is aimed to improve buyer and supplier collaboration, strengthen business analysis, target product allocation and reorder opportunities, all while increasing sales and reducing markdowns.

"Our industry structure and dynamics continue to change at an accelerating pace. We believe strongly that with the use of tools like SKYPAD we can enable greater collaboration between our teams and our brands, with better insights and faster execution," stated Nathan Johnson, Senior Vice President, Merchandise Planning, Neiman Marcus Group.

Jay Hakami, President & CEO of Sky IT Group, stated, "The partnership with Neiman Marcus provides for significant benefits for NMG teams and its suppliers/brands community by utilizing SKYPAD as a single SaaS platform for insights, trends, reorder analysis and collaboration based one version of the truth."

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Sky IT Group was founded in 2000 with the mission to provide innovative data collection, integration, and reporting solutions. SKYPAD, Sky IT Group's SaaS reporting platform, organizes the sell-thru data that 400+ suppliers/brands receive from 150+ global retailers and empowers 1500+ users to quickly discover multi-dimensional insights as to their product activities. Many of largest global fashion's brands utilize SKYPAD to maximize their visibility into the who/what/where of their product performance across all their respective retail sales channel. For more information, visit

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