Trüpp Launches New York Online Harassment Training

Press Release from Trüpp

Portland, Oregon – December 7, 2018 – Trüpp announces the recent launch of its online harassment training course that meets the training requirements of the newly implemented New York State and New York City anti-sexual harassment laws. Trüpp’s New York Anti-Sexual Harassment training course is designed to help learners identify harassment in the workplace and offers tools for responding to inappropriate behavior.

This online workplace harassment course is strategically designed to make the learning experience both interesting and practical. Trüpp’s interactive and visually appealing multimedia content ensures an increased level of engagement that facilitates comprehension. Learners are provided with tools to identify discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, overcome barriers to taking action, and how to respond when inappropriate behavior occurs in the workplace.

Deadlines to comply with training requirements have been finalized for both New York State and New York City, with NY State training required by October 9, 2019 and NYC by April 1, 2019. This training offers a convenient, yet impactful option to ensure compliance aligned with these deadlines.

“We’re excited to be launching an anti-sexual harassment course that goes beyond just checking the box,” says Jean Roque, President of Trüpp. “Harassment isn’t a knowledge problem, it’s a behavior problem. With that in mind, we’ve created a course that empowers employees with practical tools for contributing to a work culture that simply doesn’t tolerate inappropriate behavior. Whether they find themselves in the position of the target, bystander, or offender, we want learners to come away knowing how to respond in a way that actually makes a difference.”

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