Trüpp Launches Online Harassment Training

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Portland, Oregon – November 9, 2018 – Trüpp announces the recent launch of its online harassment training course, titled Eliminating Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation in the Workplace. This training course is designed to help learners identify discrimination and harassment in the workplace and offers tools for responding to inappropriate behavior.

This online workplace harassment course is strategically designed to make the learning experience both interesting and practical for the learner. Trüpp’s interactive and visually appealing multimedia content ensures an increased level of engagement that facilitates comprehension. Learners are provided tools to identify discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, overcome barriers to taking action, and how to respond when inappropriate behavior occurs in the workplace. This training offers a convenient and impactful option that also ensures compliance aligned with the several states requiring harassment training.

“This year, the EEOC has filed 50% more lawsuits regarding harassment than it did in 2017,” says Jean Roque, President of Trüpp. “We launched this online training course to help address the widespread concern of workplace harassment, which has recently been even further brought out of the shadows and into the public eye. Our workplace harassment training empowers all employees to contribute to a work culture where inappropriate behavior does not have to be tolerated. By taking our online course, employees come away with the knowledge needed to respond in a way that makes a difference—whether they find themselves as the target, a bystander to the situation, or even the one who has offended.”

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