Zon Retail Environments: G7 Master Printing: What Does “G7” Mean Anyway?

Press Release from ZoN Retail Environments

Did you mean the G7 Summit?

Nope, that is a political event.  Within the printing industry, "G7" means something quite a bit different.

“G7” is actually a rigorous color management standard.

When a print shop says they are “G7 compliant”, this means they have demonstrated their ability to comply with the rigorous color standards established by the IDEAlliance Association.

So, what does the “G” and the “7” mean?
The “G” stands for grey and the “7” references the ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red, green and blue). Cyan-magenta-yellow-black consist of the CMYK components, and red-green-blue are the RGB components.  By controlling these elements, printers can more precisely control the production of color.

Why is G7 Certification so important?
By achieving the G7 Master certification, a printer is reassuring their clients that all of their visual merchandising materials will match, no matter which substrate a branded color is printed on; displays, signage and other marketing assets will all reflect the same target color.

Therefore, with G7 compliance, clients receive:

  • reliable and consistent color across all substrates
  • faster approval of proofs
  • cost and time savings during the project

There are hundreds of printers around the world who are G7 compliant.
However, at ZōN Retail Environments, they are one of the few printers in the world to be G7 compliant for digital dye sublimation fabric printing. 

Plus, they can print double-sided fabric banners with only a single piece of fabric!
Project size is no problem, whether you need a few fabric banners or 10,000 banners, they can deliver your color consistently.

At ZōN Retail, they have your color.
So, when evaluating a printing company, be sure to ask about their G7 Print Master Certification.

Ready to get started on a project?
Contact us today and we can help save you time, money and gain control over your branded colors.  At ZōN Retail, we have your color.  

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