iPost Announces eValuate, a Free Assessment for Email Marketers

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SAN MATEO, Calif., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- iPost, an enterprise email marketing and automation provider, has announced eValuate, a free assessment of two critical email marketing components: subscribers and creative.
With eValuate, iPost experts with an average of 15 years of industry experience conduct both a subscriber analysis and a creative review.

The Subscriber Analysis analyzes up to 1,000,000 email contacts to determine the health of that database. The iPost team looks for invalids, spam traps, and bogus and disposable email addresses. The team then provides optimization recommendations based on that information.

The Creative Analysis looks at one piece of email creative and makes recommendations for optimizing the creative while staying aligned with key KPIs. eValuate is a free engagement for any organization that is interested in learning about the health of their subscriber base as well as improving their creative for better results.

"We are offering this free assessment to our customers but also to non-customers in order to improve the quality of email marketing across the board," says Cameron Kane, CEO at iPost. "As they say, a rising tides lifts all boats. We are striving to be part of that tide with this new service."

To learn more about eValuate, follow this link.

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