Target Low Risk Businesses with Dataman Group’s Marketing Prescreen Score

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

The Marketing Prescreen Score is b ased on D&B’s market-leading analytics, this score predicts the likelihood of a firm paying in a severely delinquent manner (90+ days past terms) over the next 12 months. 

Scores are calculated using statistical models and the most recent payment information in D&B's commercial database. Using this scoring system, a company is identified as High Risk, Medium Risk, or Low Risk.

This is a quick, cost-effective way to eliminate the riskiest prospects from sales lead lists and marketing campaigns. Pre-screening to reduce risk and drive ROI is a best practice in any economy, and it’s especially important today in order to improve salesperson effectiveness and to make the most of limited acquisition dollars.

  This allows a business to:

  • ·          Identify and act on opportunities once unstable companies change direction
  • ·          Avoid doing business with companies that are a financial risk
  • ·          Improve productivity by focusing efforts on the best prospects for profitability

It’s important to note that the scores are useful for marketing pre-screening purposes only. The score is not appropriate for credit decisions for individual organizations.

  Dataman Group in Boca Raton provides this data to its clients. Call the Dataman Group office at (800) 771-3282 for additional information, counts and pricing.




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