Dataman Group Works with Life Insurance Agents who market to New Parents

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

There are over 3 million new babies born in the U.S. each year.   The month with the most births is August with July coming in a close second.

Experts estimate the cost of a child between $240,000 (in today‘s dollars and excluding the cost of college) to $2.4 million, in the case of a child with disabilities.

Young families need to protect themselves. It’s not a pretty topic but a necessary one. Let’s face it, if the primary wage earner dies unexpectedly, the surviving spouse will find it almost impossible to cover mortgage, auto loans, living expenses, miscellaneous debts and college expenses.

Insurance Agents who sell life insurance know that Parents of New Babies is a top list in the insurance market. Most new parents are awed by their new obligations and take the responsibility of providing for that new baby very seriously.

Agents who contact new parents can develop a relationship that can last for decades.

In the marketing world, when we talk about Return On Investment (ROI), investing in a New Parents list can bring a huge ROI over the course of a lifetime.

Insurance Agents looking to increase their book should call Dataman Group in Boca Raton at 561.451.1355 and find out more about this top market segment. Brand-new non-duplicating New Parents lists are available on a weekly basis.

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