What Is The Value of 1 new Tax Client?

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

What is the value of 1 new tax client?     Is it $200 per year..$300?...more?

And for how many years will that client come back to you…5, 10, 15?

Finding an exact dollar amount is impossible, but you can bet that a new CPA customer will have a better lifetime value than existing one.

A sure way to attract new business is using a targeted direct mail program.   Using postcards to attract new tax clients is a tried-and-true method.

Direct mail campaigns involve a number a different factors: Your offer, post card design, who to mail, and so on.

But the most important factor for success is having realistic expectations about return.   In the world we live in, expectations can be greatly skewed.  

You should expect a 1-2% return on postcard campaigns using a targeted mailing list with a compelling offer:

  • ·          Target your mailing using a list based on age, income, and ethnicity
  • ·          Try reaching New Homeowners or New Businesses
  • ·          Offer Free E Filing
  • ·          A rewarding referral program

Sending out 2000 postcards and generating that 1-2% response rate should yield you 20-40 new prospects. Converting a half of those should be looked at as a great success with a positive ROI.

This tax season, with home sales up, tax laws expiring and new ones going into effect, the pool is full of new prospects looking for a professional to help them with their taxes.

It is your responsibility to get in front of them and let them know what you have to offer.

And remember, you can't judge the value of 1 new client, so treat each potential customer like they may be your best.  

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