Networking - Your Next Best Client

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

As I went to a Networking Event yesterday, one of the topics I spoke to a few people about was, "Why did you come to this event" or "Why do you go to any Networking Event for that matter." One person said it was on my way home, so I stopped by. Another said, a co-worker asked me to come. One lady said, to make friends because I have a lot better shot of working with a friend than someone I don't know. I thought that was great way to look at Networking and what you're trying to get out of it by going to those events. 

Whatever Industry you're in, there are weekly or monthly Networking Events. Do you go to any? What do you get out of it? If you speak with someone who you can't work with, don't brush them off, because they could know someone who needs your service.

I have found that I am most social and get the most out of going to these Networking events alone, without a group of friends or coworkers. Even if you're not the most outgoing person, I would still recommend this. You'll be surprised how friendly people can be. 

Just like in sales, it only takes one call or one networking event to meet your next best client. Want to know the cheapest and most effective way of marketing yourself or your company; it's by being a good Networker! 
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