Insurance Agents Need to Market During Open Enrollment Season

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

There is alot of chatter this week about the annual Medicare annual open-enrollment period, which starts Tuesday of this week and runs through December 7. This is the time the individuals choose their policies for their 2014 medical coverage.

Many of the plans are different than they were last year. Changes include increased premiums, deductibles and co-pays as well as changes to the Part D drug plans. There is also added confusion in the marketplace between Medicare open enrollment with the new health-insurance marketplaces that have just opened under the Affordable Care Act.

Individuals aged 65+ have a lot of decisions to make. Many seniors rely on the services of an Insurance Professional to guide them through the maze of choices.

This means that there are huge opportunities out these for Insurance Professionals to reach out to new prospects.

Direct mail is the #1 marketing medium for Medicare Advantage insurers and agents, since it targets only those individuals who are appropriate users of these plans.

Insurance agents can utilize Turning 65 lists to reach those individuals who will be first time Medicare Advantage users as well as lists of individuals, age 65+ who may be in the market for an agent to help them find the best plan for their needs. Agents can also select a list of New Movers, age 65+, who are perfect prospects for their business.


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