New Movers with Kids Lists Help Pediatric Dentists Grow their Practice

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

The key to any successful business is a study flow of new clients, and a Pediatric Dentist is no different.

While word of mouth may be a dentist's best source of new business, direct mail has proven to have the highest ROI of any marketing tool for Dental practices.

There is no need to waste money reaching Families without Children or people living outside of a comfortable driving range. Direct Mail Lists are extremely accurate and allows dentists to qualify a household before mailing.

Top Response Lists for Pediatric Dentists Include:

·          New Movers with Children

·          Families with Young Children in Your Area

·          Expecting Parents/New Parents

·          Parents with Children Turning 1 – perfect for Baby's First Dental Checkup!

Dataman Group Direct has been working with Dental Practices and the Direct Mail Industry for 30+ Years.     

Dentists who are looking to expand their practices should Call Dataman Group   at 800-771-3282 and ask a Data Team Specialist how to reach the right families in their area.

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