Increase in Home Sales Means Increased New Homeowner Counts

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

The number of New Homeowner transactions keeps climbing.

In March 2013, there was a 2% increase. In April the increase ticked up to 2.3%. These are the highest increases we've seen in years!

One of the newspapers reported a 29% increase for April 2013 over April 2012. I was so excited about the increased New Homeowner numbers they reported that I decided to run some counts inour own New Home owner count system to see if they were right.

Comparing New Homeowner transactions:

    1/1/2013 through 5/30/2013 – 565,611

    1/1/2012 through 5/30/2012 – 339,370


This increase in New Homeowner quantity is a real boon for businesses that sell anything in the home industry, whether it be window treatments, water filters, closet upgrades, garage cabinets, pool, pest or lawn services.

Insurance agents, financial planners, schools, hospitals and medical practices are also big users of New Homeowner data.

Dataman Group has been providing New Homeowner data since 1980. New Homeowner data can be selected by dwelling unit type, home purchase price and date. Scrubbed telephone #s are available for a portion of the file.

Call the Dataman Group office at 800-771-3282 for New Homeowner counts in your area.

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