National Drinking Water Week, May 5 – May 11

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

What a great opportunity for Water Quality Dealers to align themselves with National Drinking Water Week and use this as a marketing opportunity.

At the WQA Conference, one of my programs was "Does Your Dealership Really Need a Facebook Page?" During the presentation, one of the common questions had to do with content. What should a Water Dealer put up on their Fan Page?

National Drinking Water Week is a perfect example of how a Water Quality Dealer can use the news to highlight what they do, build brand awareness and become "bigger than themselves" by identifying with a national initiative.

This is not just a great social media opportunity, but the right time to launch a direct mail campaign that aligns the effectiveness & convenience of a new efficient Water System with the essential role drinking water plays in our daily lives.

Water Dealers need to remember that there are lots of ways to get their name out to your prospects. The more touch points and outreach methods they use, the more productive their Dealership will be. Successful Dealers use a broad mix of direct mail, telemarketing, home shows and social media to stay ahead of the curve!

*If you want a copy of my presentation" Does Your Water Dealership Really Need a Facebook Page, feel free to download!

Water Quality Dealers or anyone in the Home Improvement industry should call  Dale Filhaber  at Dataman Group Direct (800) 771-3282 or visit theDataman Group website for additional information.

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