Allant Group Adds HealthWise Data to Its Audience Attribute Marketplace

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Offering utilizes predictive social determinant data to enable health-oriented insights

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Allant Group LLC, a data-driven audience orchestration solution provider, is pleased to announce the addition of HealthWise Data to its Audience Attribute Marketplace, helping fill the gaps in creating prospective patient audiences for acquisition, append to customer records, power research and analysis, and improve insurance triage activities.

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Allant adds 70+ predictive social determinant data to its Audience Marketplace to enable health-oriented insights

In addition to the 2B+ audience members and 1900+ attributes coming from a variety of compiled, attitudinal, and event data sources currently available in Allant's Audience Attribute Marketplace, HealthWise Data offers deeper insights into understanding the patient-as-a-person, not just as a clinical record. These 70+ predictive models, known as HealthWise360, around consumer health, wellness and behavior include:

  • Ailment propensities
  • Health Adherence propensities
  • Healthy Lifestyle propensities such as smoking, BMI, diet, exercise
  • Health Insurance behaviors such as Medicare Supplement propensities
  • Ability to Pay for Medical Expenses
  • Responsiveness to Health Offers
  • Health Equity propensities such as food insecurity, access to care and transportation
  • Risky health behaviors

HealthWise Data focuses on helping organizations in need of health-oriented insights move beyond the one-off, disjointed types of health data available today. HealthWise360, their unique collection of 70+ consumer health & wellness propensities, is now included in the Allant Audience Attribute Marketplace, providing opportunities for a wealth of organizations seeking to understand health-related insights in support of serving their customers and prospects more effectively.

"For insurance providers in particular, there is a big 'piece of the puzzle' missing due to insufficient or incorrect data during application," said Anne Smith, CEO and Founder of HealthWise Data. "This leads to reduced acquisition performance and low conversions, increased expenses and unnecessary underwriting costs, as well as overall poor customer experiences."

Smith adds, "The industry needs a more complete view of prospective patients during the application and triage process, and we are confident that partnering with the experts at Allant will help make this a reality by propelling our HealthWise360 predictive consumer data in-market and highlighting how it fulfills this need."

Michael D. Fisher, CEO, Allant Group said, "With the addition of HealthWise360 in Allant's Audience Attribute Marketplace, organizations, including insurance, financial services, and healthcare, are able to analyze, marry, score, and build actionable insights across a variety of industries. We can show, end-to-end, how Allant offers the most robust, frictionless access, accuracy, and speed of data analysis driving insights into market faster, and not available anywhere else."  

For more information about Allant Group's Audience Attribute Marketplace, as well as their data, analytics, martech integration, and customer experience management capabilities, please click here.

About HealthWise Data
HealthWise Data is a boutique data and analytics firm offering a universe of 246M US adults with 70+ predictions of their health & wellness and hundreds of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) attributes. These non-HIPAA regulated propensities include health conscientiousness, healthy lifestyles/behaviors, food insecurity, the ability to identify and target caregivers and more. Their unique data provides a robust 360-view of the consumer which drives better targeting and messaging for marketing/outreach efforts, enhances analytics and reporting insights, and improves overall ROI for healthcare organizations. HealthWise Data is headquartered in Roswell, GA.

About Allant Group® 
Allant Group is a data-driven audience orchestration engine that powers the solutions behind successful customer journeys. We give organizations a competitive advantage by leveraging data, analytics, customer experience management, martech integration, and strategic consulting services to deliver individualized and nurturing lifecycle experiences that create a stronger relationship between brand and customer. Allant is a privately held company headquartered in the Chicago area. For more information, visit

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