Kirby Lester’s Latest Innovation: KL1 Compact Check Counter

Press Release from Kirby Lester LLC

Lake Forest, IL (June 27, 2012) – Kirby Lester, LLC, unveils its latest innovation: the KL1 compact check counter.  The KL1 is the smallest, fastest and most affordable counter ever:  at just 6 pounds and 6" wide, the KL1 will fit into even the most crowded workspace for fast, always-accurate counting of almost any tablet or capsule.

In 1971, Kirby Lester introduced its first tabletop counter.  Over the next 40 years, the Kirby Lester counter became a mainstay in pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and other industries where an always-accurate tablet counter/check counter was needed to replace hand-counting. The new KL1 is the result of Kirby Lester's expertise in counting accuracy, ease of use and overall efficiency.

With the world-renowned Kirby Lester counting technology inside, the KL1 includes innovative features such as inventory mode, partial pill indicator and an ergonomically designed tray.  It needs no calibration to count almost any size tablet or capsule, and needs no I.T. support or interfacing. Simply plug in the KL1 and start counting.

The KL1's major features are:

Compact design inspired by feedback from our 40,000 customers worldwide (just 6"W x 12"H)

  • Fast operation (15-18 tablets/second)
  • Partial pill indicator maintains filling integrity
  • Inventory mode: keeps count when the tray is being emptied
  • Ergonomically designed tray with left/right pouring
  • Simple cleaning
  • No calibration needed; counts any size tablet or capsule up to 22mm long
  • Patented counting technology inside allows the KL1 to count tablets much faster and more accurately than any competing technology
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