Healthcare: Who Survives?

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The family doctor's office has been an essential healthcare institution for as long as we can remember, with primary care physicians (PCPs) at the forefront of industry providers. But today, it seems that the rise of new competitors is jeopardizing the future of the PCPs despite the near-universal satisfaction with their services. With this decrease in PCP loyalty and increase in younger consumers making personal healthcare decisions, we are left to ask: What does the routine healthcare picture look like today and how different might it look in the future?

The top three reasons for not visiting a PCP include: it took too long to get an appointment; wait time at the doctor’s office was onerous; and there were no walk-in appointments available.

To answer this, WD Partners surveyed over 2,600 healthcare decision makers to find out how they choose whom to visit when the flu strikes, when they need their next physical, or when they sprain an ankle. Healthcare: Who Survives offers direct insight into these decisions and shows how the industry may shift on account of consumer's preferences for primary care physicians, retail clinics (like CVS MinuteClinic) or urgent care facilities.

Our research explored which facilities consumers consider, use and favor in order to gain a deeper understanding as to why they prefer one over the others. We then looked at the basis of two different trends: perceived benefits of each facility and the consumer's respective age group. In addition, we received feedback on five future- forward healthcare facility concepts to see exactly what these healthcare decision makers feel are most viable for the future.

These consumers ranged in age from Gen Z all the way to the Silent Gen and naturally, our findings show a significant contrast between the needs of younger versus older healthcare decision makers. As these younger generations transition into the position of those preceding them, we must evaluate their differences as they offer a glimpse into a future with a very different healthcare landscape.

At WD, we know that in order to fulfill the everchanging wants and needs of consumers, innovation is necessary. And in the healthcare industry, this unsure future is something providers need to be prepared for. If you need assistance with discovering the opportunities your facility should take advantage of, call us. We'd be happy to help.

In the meantime, you can purchase the full white paper here for a complete look at our findings.

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The future of healthcare is here. WD's new white paper explores facility preferences and trends based on age groups and more.

All healthcare consumers want accurate diagnoses and high-quality treatment. Younger consumers also prioritize ease and speed of service and they’re more willing than the traditional patient to consider alternatives of all kinds.

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