EverythingBenefits Butterfly LITE: Free Benefits ESS Solution for SMEs

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EverythingBenefits, the provider of comprehensive, next-generation benefits automation technology solutions, today announced a new solution, Butterfly LITE, uniquely designed to deliver a streamlined benefits enrollment and management experience for SME employers and employees at no cost .  EverythingBenefits is proud to support the small business community ahead of Small Business Saturday, a day of recognition for American small businesses.  

“EverythingBenefits is committed to delivering cutting-edge benefits solutions for medium to large enterprises,” said Rachel Lyubovitzky Chief Executive Officer at EverythingBenefits. “We’re excited to now work with and empower the small business community with a self-service benefits enrollment solution that will give business owners more control over the benefits process and a better experience overall.”

The key features of EverythingBenefits Butterfly LITE include:

  • Fast and easy setup with simple imports and clear navigation tools
  • Full control panel dashboard brings key KPIs into view to help keep control
  • Real-time reports offer actionable insights into the benefits administration process
  • Intuitive employee experience online or right from iPhone or Android devices.

EverythingBenefits Butterfly LITE is offered to businesses with 50-150 employees as a standalone solution or can be used with other solutions in the multi-product suite. Butterfly LITE offers small business owners more control over their benefits during a time when many teams are remote or cannot take advantage of the office setting. EverythingBenefits Butterfly LITE will be made available beginning on January 4, 2021.

For more information on Butterfly LITE, please visit  everythingbenefits.com/solutions/butterfly-lite

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EverythingBenefits is a leading provider of next-generation, end-to-end benefit technology solutions and services that help businesses of all sizes and their employees experience benefits in more meaningful ways. By leveraging an open business model, EverythingBenefits partners with enterprise resource planning systems, human capital management (HCM) companies, benefits carriers, in addition to benefit brokers, independent agents and other providers. The company’s philosophy is that technology should make life simpler, more rewarding, and more enjoyable. For more information, please visit our website at www.everythingbenefits.com or connect with us via  LinkedIn Twitter , or  Facebook .

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