EverythingBenefits Publishes New e-Book Titled "Get Your Escalating Benefits Costs Under Control"

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New Providence, NJ – June 28th, 2018  –  EverythingBenefits, a provider of comprehensive, next-generation benefit technology solutions and services, announced today the release of a new e-book, titled “Get Your Escalating Benefits Costs Under Control”. The free twelve-page e-book details the growing emphasis for employers to tackle the nation’s rising employee benefits costs, outlines specific steps companies can take to offer cost-effective, meaningful benefits to employees, using a variety of cost-management and technology solutions.

According to research by the   Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), US unemployment has fallen to an 18-year low of 3.8% as of May 2018. The falling unemployment rate has given way to mounting pressure on employers to offer increasingly more competitive benefits as part of overall compensation packages to attract and retain top talent. A survey by Glassdoor revealed that   79% of employees   said they’d rather have new or additional benefits rather than pay increases. The annual Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM) reports that   one-third of companies increased their benefits offerings   in the past 12 months, citing competition as the main reason. In an attempt to reduce the rising cost of benefits, employers are increasingly turning to solutions such as increased employee contributions or utilizing benefits technology to automate their administration.

“Benefits as a portion of overall compensation has grown rapidly in recent years, and employers are facing unique challenges when trying to mitigate administration costs,” commented Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO at EverythingBenefits. "Our latest e-book highlights important industry trends related to benefits spending, shifting market demands, and how to best meet these challenges.”

Click here for more information and to download EverythingBenefits’ new e-book, Get Your Escalating Benefits Costs Under Control.


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