DTT's Surveillance Services Continue to Help Team Blue Thrive

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LOS ANGELES and LAS VEGAS, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DTT is pleased to continue its partnership with Team Blue, a high-end professional hand car wash franchise founded in 2009. DTT has had an MPA with Team Blue since 2013, and is Team Blue's exclusive video surveillance provider. DTT's services are currently being used at Team Blue locations across Florida and Pennsylvania, where the company is headquartered.

Team Blue initially intended to use DTT's cutting-edge video surveillance software as a way to mitigate the risk of false claims. However, they soon realized that DTT's SmartAudit surveillance reports could be used to improve employee productivity and speed of service. They now receive regular customized reports from DTT which monitor employee behavior to ensure that proper procedures are being followed at all times.

"DTT is an incredible tool when it comes to Risk Mitigation," says Jeff Haas, CEO and Director of Franchise Development at Team Blue. "Whenever there is a claim, we can instantly pull the video of the event from the MyDTT portal and submit it to the authorities, if needed. We've also found DTT's services to be very helpful when it comes to employee training, because the SmartAudits™ provide us with concrete examples of both positive and negative employee behavior. However, the biggest advantage to using DTT is that it gives me peace of mind; I know that my surveillance needs are being completely taken care of, and that lets me focus 100% of my energy on successfully running my businesses."

"It's difficult for any company to monitor multiple locations to ensure that proper procedures are being followed," says Tom Moran, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DTT. "This is especially true of a rapidly growing business with several new locations like Team Blue. However, while an owner can't be in all their stores at once, DTT can be. Our comprehensive surveillance systems give employers the tools they need to easily monitor all of their locations. I'm thrilled that our services have helped Team Blue grow their business, and I look forward to our continued successful partnership."

About DTT
Founded in 1999 by Sam Naficy, DTT provides video surveillance solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. DTT has supported more than 36,000 clients while protecting trillions of dollars in assets and overseeing nearly 2 million employees. Brands that use DTT include McDonald's, SUBWAY®, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Arby's, Taco Bell, KFC, and Auntie Anne's, among others. More information at: www.dttusa.com

About Team Blue
Team Blue is a professional car wash franchise company founded in 2009 that specializes in high quality and eco-friendly hand car wash services. Their mission is to "provide Team Blue customers with a superior hand car wash experience." They currently have locations in Pennsylvania and Florida, and have additional franchises opening in Florida in the coming months. They are headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania. Please visit www.teambluefranchise.com for more information.


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